Smart Aging Prize – we are in the semifinals!

Publisert 24. september 2020

«The Smart Aging Prize is looking for solutions that support, empower and inspire older adults to engage in entrepreneurship»

Solutions for Smart Aging Prize could take a number of forms, such as (but not limited to):

  • Matchmaking applications targeted at older entrepreneurs
  • Career portals or platforms helping older adults navigating into enterprise-related opportunities
  • Intergenerational online learning solutions enabling learning and skills sharing between older and younger people

As well as assessing the technical component, the model behind it will also be assessed, as well as the enabling factor leading to the adoption and active use of the solution by older adults.

Why are 50 til 100 in the semi- finals?

We aim to meet the goals of Smart Aging Prize with our mission to connect resources of people over 50 and startup world. We conduct this throughout various initiatives. Such as network, startup program and private and public partnerships that would create better solutions for the future.

Our work is based on the UNs sustainability goals and we want to resources of older adults to be important part of reaching these goals.

50 til 100 offers a membership network for people over 50. With every network meeting, members get the chance to meet startups from different industries beside enlarging their personal network. Every gathering holds a unique tema related to entrepreneurship. Such as health-tech startups, board membership in startups and social entrepreneurship. Venues are also chosen in consideration to introduce our members into the current startup environment. Thus, we partnered with Oslo based accelerators and hubs in that matter and had meetings at such as SoCentral, Katapult and Norway Health Tech.

50 til 100 Network meeting
50 til 100 Network meeting

Another service we provide to introduce older adults into the entrepreneurship is our startup program , Oppstart i 100. This program is designed to teach people over 50 the necessary skills to become entrepreneurs and start their own company. Over a 4 months period participants of this senior entrepreneurship program learns how to turn their business idea into an actual startup via camps, digital tools and 1-on-1 follow-ups.

We also hold inspirational talks. The initiative benefits the organisations involved in the network and the older adults, empowering and engaging them in the enterprise world. Our previous talks from Akademikerne Frokost Seminar and Senior Politikk Webinar inspired many participants to contact with us on becoming a member of our network and startup program.

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