new groundbreaking eu project – aal smart aging

Together with very strong partners we have the pleasure to coordinate this exiting new project!

Smart Senior Entrepreneurship has a goal to mobilize, facilitate and enable older adults into entrepreneurship.

People enter the workforce later in life, live longer, and seniors in growing numbers wish to contribute professionally to society for the second half of their life. As lifetime increases, there is also a growing need for seniors to stay longer active in work life, whilst keeping their skills up to date and using their lifelong domain expertise and network. 

Smart senior entrepreneurship has a goal to mobilise, facilitate and enable older adults into entrepreneurship. Through cooperation with the startup system which need the brain power, and involvement in their own or other young companies, we aim to encourage a flexible healthy ageing by utilizing senior resources in entrepreneurship.

Bilder av logoer til AAL Smart SE

Our project will develop a proof of concept for a digital solution for matchmaking of senior competence to the needs of start-ups, in cooperation with relevant business and end-user stakeholders from 4 European countries. The overall aim is to create awareness of senior core values, competence, skills and passion and how to transform these into sustainable business ideas by offering seniors a low threshold and motivate, facilitate and strengthen senior entrepreneurship. 

the partners are:

InfoLink Courses

InfoLink Courses has since 1989 offered courses in entrepreneurship, including unemployed with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. In addition to the Entrepreneurship education, InfoLink Courses also offers courses for doctors who want to establish their own practice, as well as a board education.

Spherik Accelerator (SPK) 

Founded in 2013, Spherik has pioneered the development of the Romanian innovation market by facilitating strategic support between startups and corporations/investment funds, developing close partnerships with European and US partners. SPK tops the ranks in acceleration – awarded the Best Acceleration program in Romania for 3 years in a row.

50 til 100 AS

Coordinator: 50 til 100 AS is a start-up whose aim is to value senior`s ( 50+ yrs) experience
and use it to create new businesses and workplaces.



World Startup 

WorldStartup started as a startup accelerator programme in 2015 in The Hague (NL) and evolved into a global entrepreneurship platform, focussing on co-creation between startups, corporates, governments and NGO’s. Over the years, WorldStartup supported over 300 startups and invested in 60. Amongst them are startups that bring solutions for healthy ageing



Center for Senior policy (SSP) 

SSP is a resource centre dedicated to the stimulation and development of policies concerning older workers in the workplace. It seeks to provide, develop, and disseminate knowledge and experience that contribute to the increased participation of workers over the age of 55 in employment.


Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU)

NIFU is the leading Scandinavian independent research institute for studies of innovation,
research and education, organized as a non-profit foundation.